Saturday, January 24, 2015

More work in my studio

I have been going through some old records and weaving books and magazine.  I am in awe of all the things I need to know.
I made a mold of Evan's feet and then wet felted a pair of house boots from some of my wool roving.
I have not been working very hard on this woven rug...I have been getting Big Bertha warped and tyed up...I think I tell Danny everyday that I am too old to be on the floor tying her up...I would love to trade her for a smaller loom.
I have been spinning some too.
I just added pictures of some of my knitting needles..just because I love my collection.
Just makes me want to knit...just as soon as I make my pattern and sew up some new mocks.
I hinted to Angie that I would like this Bible verse..thinking she would just make a small desk top sign.  But not Angie, she spent hours making this beautiful framed art.  She says "go big or go home"!
Angie also needle felted this sweet little mouse in this beautiful cup.  

Are you enjoying your winter?  Danny had surgery on his face and they found he had infection in the bone just below the eye...we have been running IVs here at home...after his surgery and 5 days in the hospital.  He is doing so much better now!  Thank you for the prayers from those that knew what was going on...we so feared that he had cancer.
God bless each of you!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Just one week until Thanksgiving...shut the door!  Snowing before Thanksgiving...that is just not right!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...I pray you are blessed with more than you need, good health, family and friends, and love, peace, joy, and prosperity.

Evan and I have started preparing for Christmas.  We are making snow scenes in old blue fruit jars...Evan dictated the makings of this jar...pretty good for a three year old.

I just know I have more Thanksgiving decorations...looking...and then deciding to wash and clean out this many teapots and cups too.  

I love my Jim Shore figures.

Danny just replaced the old wiring on this old Bridge floor lamp.  I got a new shade at Lowe's...I knew the minute that I saw it where I would put my old needlepoint comfy and I have this in the corner in my bedroom for sitting and reading and knitting.

We have so many things to be thankful for this year...God bless you all!

Bagley Family Reunion 2014

Danny and I traveled back to Missouri for a visit in October.  The weather was nice, a little on the cool side.
We had a nice visit with Ryan and Mandy and took in Missouri Days at Trenton.  Mother did not feel very good.  I planted some new daffodil bulbs in her flower beds...I hope they make her happy next Spring.

We also attended the Bagley Reunion held at Linneus Mo.  Our family numbers are getting smaller and smaller every year.

My brother Steve's young great grandson, Rardon.

Steve's wife me that look...for taking her picture.

Very hard to tell what is going on here...Phil, my little brother.

Olethia Monroe, my cousin's wife, and a lady that means so much to me.  She did so much for me as I was growing up.  And there is Shirley, my sweet cousin.  

Shirley...the sweetest person I know.

The chow line...not many of us left.

Thank you Lord, for the safe trip and for letting me see so many family and friends.  But Lord, I thank you for my home and giving me the place that I feel secure and at peace/   It took me up a week to recoup. 

Good- By Fall 2014

 Where in the world did this fall go?  I thought the leaves started turning early this year...and they were so pretty.  Our yard has several types of Maple trees and their color just pops with the beautiful spruces and pines.  Danny and I spent several hours working in the yard...Danny vacuuming up the leaves and putting them on the garden and I cleaning out the flower beds and putting the plants to bed for another winter.

I sit on the sofa and look out the picture window and this is what I see...  I sip on my hot morning coffee with a shot of amaretto.   Watch the weather, plan my day...which NEVER goes as planned...but just call me flexible.   Back to what I see...this beautiful Maple.  I watch it turn green in the Spring and watch the little squirrels scurry up and down it and then after the green summer, it breaks out in this riot of color.  

Our first snow hit us last week ...before Thanksgiving this year....Danny had just vacuumed up the leaves  for the last time the day before I took this picture.  Snowing!

Today we woke up to more snow falling and the temps dropping...we are in a winter storm warning of 6-10 inches.  Usually when I look out this direction, I can see the lake but not today.

So I went downstairs to my studio to weave and get some spinning done.

I warped my large tapestry loom yesterday.  It is a slow go but a very peaceful hobby.

 I am late but would like to say thank you to all the US Veterans that have fought for this country.

My father Ross Thomas Bagley, served in the army in World War II.  He was decorated with a Purple Heart and with the Bronze Star.  My dad usually had a big smile on his face but when I look at this picture I can see the sadness, maybe fear of a young man leaving his family and going over seas.  My father  had his first heart attack at the age of 50 and died 5 years later.    Miss him so much.

This is my husband of 44 years...he served in the Navy during the Vietnam War.  He ran boats up and down the river in Vietnam...he looks so young in these pictures.

My Danny Boy...Daniel O'Bryan Coffman
The battles of war leave scars and memories  that stay with you years and years after you get back home.
God bless everyone that has fought for this country....

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fun at Turkeyville, Mi

Such a beautiful day so we headed to Turkeyville, Mi.  We had a lovely day.  We had lunch and then went to the flee market and then to the playground and to visit the animals.  Evan did not want to leave but I think his mommy and daddy will be taking him back to ride the train on a day that it  is running.
I will add captions to the pictures tomorrow after I rest up and charge up my computer.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday Night Drive Through at Gilmores

Danny and I went shopping for groceries and supplies today.  It is fall now so we are buying more  getting ready for winter...oh gee...I hope we don't have another winter like last winter.  Many are predicting it will be a bad winter so we just want to get ready and be prepared.  

As I was putting away the last of the groceries  Danny and I heard some loud cars going by, hot rods...oh no, it is Wednesday night and Gilmores has a drive through.  Danny and I love to look at the old cars...the hotter they are the more we enjoy them. 

I would like to share some pictures of our evening...and it is the last Wednesday night drive through this year.

The old Diner was busy tonight.  The smell of hamburgers cooking, people sitting out at the picnic tables in the beautiful fall weather enjoying a meal together or eating an ice cream cone....that is what Danny and I decided to have tonight.
Add caption

The inside of the old diner...we sat in a booth to enjoy our ice cream.


A Camaro the same color as our 69.  My heart was beating and I had a homesick feeling when I saw this car.  It was not just like our car that we dated in and later drove until our family started growing but from a distance, I was hoping that it was it.  Isn't it funny what triggers so many memories?   Dating in 1969, going to the Browning bottom or west of Milan to drag race, it was fast and our lives were moving fast getting married, having our first baby, driving our sick little baby to Children's Mercy in my arms and coming home without her and then a year later having our son and bringing him home from the the car that I truly loved to get a larger car when we had our second baby.   Also a wee bit of me misses the days of my youth...CCR playing on the eight track, going fast and loving it.  44 yrs later, I seem to move at one speed and I look in the mirror and don't see the same person that I did back then.  But I think I could still put the old girl through the paces and get off the line and hold my breath until we reached the finish line...some things never change.

God bless you all.  I hope you had a wonderful day today.  I pray for this country, for my family and friends, and I give thanks for all the memories...God bless you all!