Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Up at 5AM mowing day

The early bird gets the worm...if that is so, I got up before the birds this morning.  I have always been a person that is up and down during the night.  Maybe I am just so excited that today is yard mowing day....I push mow where Danny can't with the rider.  LOL. I don't think so!

But seriously, I did enjoy being out on the peak...what the natives to the lake call us...peakers.

We can't stand up on this steep hill and weed eat and you can't push a mower up it and it is too dangerous to go down it.  I decided our first year here that I was planting grasses and trees and ground covers and mulching as much of this hill area as I could to eliminate as much work as possible.  Today I ran the weed eater where I could and then sat on my behinny and pulled grass as I slowly worked my way down..then back to the top in a different spot and repeat.  
The temp was in the 70s, the skys were hazy, I could stop and watch the boats out on Fine Lake.  I just took my time and enjoyed the moment...I think old age is causing me to mellow out!

The daisys are blooming...I love them!  45 years ago, my brides bouquet was daisys.  

The bees were really busy on the lavender today.  I just love to brush my hands over the lavender and smell the lovely aroma.  I have 2 different varieties of lavender, a light colored lavender and the other is a darker one.  I have already cut two bundles and hung to dry.   Oh my!

I had another small hill under a tree that needed my attention.  I turned an old planter on its side and had Danny move a scoop of compost to the area and planted flowers as if they had turned over and spilled out down the bank....if in doubt or if it is looking dull...plant flowers!
God bless you today and I pray you can enjoy the task at matter how hard or boring it may be!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Beautiful Sunday

 Woke to sun shining and the temp in the 70s.  I also woke with a peace in my heart this morning.  I know God is solvent yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  You see, I believe that everyone has free will, but lately I feel that laws are being made by a few old judges that were not elected by the people.  I believe in God, I love the Bible.  My faith is strong and I believe Jesus was crucified and resurrected 3 days later just as was prophecized 1000s of years before as written in the Bible.  I am a sinner so I have no right to judge others but I know what God feels about homosexuality.  Please before you tell me that the Bible is outdated or a fairytale, read it before you criticize it, you would not critique a best seller before you read it...just open the Bible and ask God to help you understand it.  Watch a YouTube of Les Feldick.  
I have believed in God since I was a little girl.  There were times that I pulled away so I could do what I wanted, my sinning self, but you see each time I was making bad choices, I was not happy, and when things got bad, I always turned back to my Heavenly Father.  I listened to people that did not believe and they made me doubt my faith but when as a hospice nurse, I had two elderly men as patients.  One believed in God and he knew he was going to be with the Lord, he watched the birds and he would smile and tell me " I am going to just fly away one day just like those little birds...and he did!  He did not take any pain meds.  The other man, about the same age, told me not to bring any preacher in his house, he did not believe, and the man screamed, could not rest because each time he closed his eyes he told me he was falling into a black hole, he was afraid of sleep, he had no peace.  Stories he told me of his nightmares made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  I had no doubt about God after this experience.  
I walked around looking at my flower beds this morning.  The beautiful sky, the warm sun, and the flowers....the Lord is Good!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Heucheria rings my bell!

I love coral bells.  They add that pop of color.  They are hardy.  I keep adding different varieties to my collection.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Working Day

Today is Wednesday, that is always a busy day for us. Two acre lawn that gets mowed every Wednesday unless it is raining.  Danny rides the mower and I do the trim work...I get my exercise!
We had rough weather with lots of rain and wind Sunday night and Monday so I have been deadheading and repairing and staking up the tall plants that want to fall over...I am wondering are those plants worth all the trouble?

Danny and I start everyday by having our am coffee (crazy coffee is my morning drink) *while watching Les Feldick.  Les is a great Bible teacher.  He has made a big difference on my understanding of the Bible.  I have always wondered how people could use one verse.  I wondered who was this said to, who said it and why.  Les is helping me to understand what I am reading and answering many of my questions by showing me where I can find the answers myself.  Go to YouTube videos and watch some of Les Feldick videos.  You can also read his newsletters on his web site,  

Lilies are starting to bloom in front bed.

Daisy are starting to bloom in the back bed too.
Raspberry are starting to turn black, just finished the strawberries.   

My new planters are just going crazy!  

Tomorrow is the first day of Fine Lake area wide garage sales.  Our neighbors to the West are selling their beautiful home and moving to a smaller house in Battle Creek.  We will really miss Dick and Sue!  They are getting things ready to sell tomorrow.  Downsizing is never easy.

* crazy coffee...1 cup hot fresh coffee, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1/2 teaspoon of butter blended together in the blender for about a minute...and I do add a little creamer, of course Amaretto!  I also started taking magnesium and my irritating irregular heart beat has quit!  I was having frequent episodes and then I would have no energy.  I had all kind of test done...over $ 2000 worth and no help.   I started researching and found that people low in magnesium have all kinds of symptoms.  I began to battle depression, weakness, and tiredness all the time with my blood sugars going up and my heart racing.  I couldn't drink coffee or tea but now I am back to having my morning coffee. I enjoy life again! I was pushing the push mower today and thought, I am so blessed to be able to do this without my heart racing...I am so blessed!  I pray that you are blessed too!  

My newest project!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Busy Spring

I have not been able to blog kept telling me that I didn't have a blog!  I have so much to share too!

The flowers were so beautiful this Spring

We were also blessed with a bumper harvest of strawberries , over 30 gallon on our little patch.  I made several batches of freezer jam.  So many that I had to send many containers over to Angie's, I ran out of freezer space.

God has blessed us and I pray that you are blessed too!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Traveling back in time...

I want to share some of my photos from about 46 or 47 years ago.  Danny left home right after high school to go to the Navy during the Vietnam years.  He walked alone to the end of his driveway  as a boy and I would even hate to think of what he saw or did during those 4 years of his life after leaving the farm for the Navy.

He had been raised as a farmer's son.  Chores and milking before school and got off the bus in the evening and went back out to the barn to chore and milk.  No basketball or after school activities for him. Everyday...7 days a week.   His dad expected the boys to work hard.  He even pulled the boys from Browning school because they didn't get home until after dark in the evenings and he needed their help.  Danny then went to Bucklin to school.  He graduated 50 yrs ago this May.

I can't imagine being alone and knowing that you might never see home again.  Saying good-by to all you know. Being all alone for the first time.   Riding on a train for the first time, flying on a plane for the first time.  Having a drill Sargent yelling at you.  Then being shot at.  

Danny sitting on the ship...just looking handsome...all tan and buff!

My handsome sailor

  Danny served in the US Navy for 4 years.  He ran up and down the rivers in Vietnam, I don't know all the details.  I do know that what he saw and did effected him to this day.
He just mentioned today that when his Vietnam interpreter didn't show up they knew that they were going to be hit that day.

My pictures are old and cracked so I thought I needed to try to salvage them the best that I could by scanning them and getting them reprinted.  I plan to make a shadow box frame and include his medals and ribbons and his pictures to hang on the wall.

When we met in 1969, we were attracted to each other the first time we saw each loose cannons.  I had met my match and I know he had met his!  We loved to drive his 69 Camero fast.  I sat on the console by him as he would drag race anyone that pulled up by him.  He still does not let anyone beat him off the light at a stop light...he pins you back in your seat...I just know it is going to happen but our grand children as babies have laughed and told Papa to go faster.  I have ducked my head at times and other times I have rolled down my window and rubbed it in to the other young driver.

Thanks for going down this memory lane with me.  We will be married 45 yrs this May.  He is my best friend and the father of our beautiful children...little angel, Amy Anne, our son, Ryan, and our daughters Angelia Renae and Lisa Marie...and our wonderful grandchildren...Wyatt, Lexi, Brandon, and Evan.  God has blessed us.  Thank you Lord for letting Danny come home safely from that terrible war.  Thank you for the hard times so that we could grow closer and enjoy  the good times together.  We are so blessed and I pray that you are too!